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3 Best Pre-Workout Ingredients You Didn’t Know

Remember that making changes in the pre-workout regimen can influence both the performance and the time needed for recovery in the gym for newbies and professionals. When it comes to pre-workout supplements, protein shakes, and energy bars are the most common on the market, however, some daily and natural staples can elevate your workouts. One such powerhouse is natural honey.  

In this blog, we are going to reveal three best pre-workout ingredients you never dreamed of and explore honey, in particular, to discover how it can nourish us and help us train better.  


Natural Honey: The Sweet Fuel  


Natural honey is a flexible and effective pre-workout substance that is much more than just a delicious treat. Natural honey for health is high in carbs and gives you an immediate, long-lasting energy boost, making it the ideal fuel for your workout.  

Here's why your go-to pre-workout snack should be honey:  


Quick Energy Source  

Natural honey contains natural sugars. Glucose and fructose, two basic sugars that your body can quickly turn into energy, make up the majority of honey. Natural honey is a great choice for a rapid energy boost before working out because of this. Honey provides a balanced release of energy, avoiding the dreaded sugar crash, in contrast to manufactured sweets.  


Rich in Antioxidants  

The high antioxidant content of honey is one of its lesser-known advantages. Honey for health, which is high in antioxidants, is essential for strengthening the immune system. By preventing oxidative stress brought on by vigorous exercise, antioxidants help shield your muscles and cells from harm. Better performance and faster recovery times may result from this.  


Natural Sweetness without the Guilt  

You may indulge in a natural sweetness without feeling guilty about eating refined sugars by using natural honey as a pre-workout supplement. It tastes great on its own or as a great addition to smoothies or yogurt. Furthermore, natural honey for health has been associated with a better digestive system. Because of its natural composition, honey is easier on the digestive system and lowers the risk of stomach pain while exercising.  


Beetroot Juice: The Endurance Enhancer  

Beetroot juice is another underrated pre-workout ingredient that can significantly boost your performance. It is full of nitrates, which have been demonstrated to increase endurance and blood flow.  

Here’s how using beetroot juice might improve your exercise:  


Increased Nitric Oxide Production  

Nitric oxide, which promotes blood vessel dilatation and better blood flow, is elevated in the body when beetroot juice is consumed. During exercise, this means that your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients, which improves your endurance and stamina.  


Reduced Fatigue  

Beetroot maximizes exercise tolerance and minimizes the load on the cardiovascular system; if taken before the exercise it will make the exercise less tiring. This can help you apply more force to your workouts.  


Rich in Vitamins and Minerals  

It contains vitamin C, folates, and potassium making it a more nutritionally enhanced beverage than its counterparts. These nutrients aid the general wellbeing and muscle functions, supporting improved recovery and performance  


Chia Seeds: The Hydration Hero  


When it comes to enhancing your training and workout performance, there may be no better supplement than chia seeds. Here’s why chia seeds are a pre-workout powerhouse 


Excellent Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids  

These are small seeds obtained from the Salvia Hispanica plant and are one of the richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory qualities.  


Hydration and Electrolyte Balance  

Chia seeds swell up when soaked in water; resulting in a gelatinous substance – which will help in retaining fluids in your body. It is a known fact that our health, especially during exercise, is dependent on the level of body hydration. Chia seeds are also rich in certain electrolytes especially magnesium and potassium ions that assist in fluid balance and thereby minimize muscle cramps.  


High in Protein and Fiber  

Plant-based protein and fiber, which are necessary for maintaining energy levels and repairing muscles, can be found in plenty of chia seeds. You can feel fuller for longer and have a consistent energy release during your workout by including chia seeds in your pre-workout meal.  


Integrating These Ingredients into Your Pre-Workout Routine  


Now that you know the benefits of natural honey, beetroot juice, and chia seeds, here are some practical ways to incorporate them into your pre-workout routine:  


Smoothie with bananas and honey  

For a simple and delectable pre-workout smoothie, blend a ripe banana, a cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of natural honey, and a handful of spinach. This concoction of natural honey for health gives you natural sugars, carbs, and vital nutrients to fuel your exercise.  


Beetroot Juice Shot  

A small glass of beetroot juice should be consumed around half an hour before working out. Add a little apple or carrot juice to make it more palatable if you think the flavor is too intense.  


Chia Seed Pudding  

A few teaspoons of chia seeds combined with your preferred milk should be left to sit overnight to make chia seed pudding. For a wholesome and invigorating pre-workout meal in the morning, mix in some natural honey and fresh fruit.  


Including ingredients like natural honey, beetroot juice, and chia seeds in your pre-workout routine can improve your stamina performance and recovery. Natural honey for health particularly stands out due to its easy digestion, quick release of energy, and antioxidant qualities. The next time you are preparing to sweat it out, you should consider using these natural ingredients. Your body will thank you. 

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