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About Nature’s Nectar

Since 1996, Nature's Nectar has been a part of Kejriwal Group, India's largest exporter and manufacturer of honey, handling around 16,000MT each year. Equipped with a state-of-the-art lab facility in Rajpura, Punjab, with a capacity to produce 100 MT daily, we ensure complete traceability of all honey from farm to fork to match its quality with our customers' trust. Before packing, German Labs and our futuristic Lab test and analyse a sample from each batch for C3/C4 sugars, antibiotics, pesticides, and chemicals. Our international export quality with NMR compliance makes us India's one of the most trusted brands in terms of purity.

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100% Pure & Traceable to Beehives

Nature's Nectar honey is ethically sourced from over twenty thousand trained beekeepers from projects across the country.

Certifications & Compliances

Our honey is FSSAI & NMR compliant with certifications including NPOP, BRC, FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, HALAL, and KOSHER, as well as USDA and EU organic certificates.

Large Honey Assortment

We are offering more than fifteen varieties of honey based on its flora, benefits, and applications, making it an excellent choice to health and taste.

20K+ Dedicated Beekeepers

Ethically Sourced

100+ Global Lab Tests

Goodness of Natural Honey

What kind of honey is the best?>

Raw, natural, unprocessed honey is the finest honey available. Honey is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc., due to its naturally occurring composition. However, honey that has been pasteurised, cooked, or artificially flavoured is likely to lose these qualities. Always look for a genuine brand or an FSSAI-approved business that sells pure honey. Our honey is extracted directly from the hive, filtered, and packaged for your enjoyment.

Is crystallised honey actually pure?>

Crystallization is a characteristic of pure, genuine honey. This occurs because the natural sugars in honey tend to crystallise as time passes or the temperature changes. It is an indicator of honey's purity. To decrystallize honey, place the jar in a container of warm water with the lid tightly closed to prevent moisture from entering.

What all certificates do you have for guaranteed purity?>

Nature's Nectar is the world's first certified "true source" company. However, to ensure that our honey is pure and safe for our consumers to consume, we have conducted several additional tests vital for guaranteeing the honey's purity. We comply with the FSSAI and NMR and hold the highest quality certifications, including NPOP, BRC, FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, HALAL, and KOSHER, as well as USDA and EU organic certificates.

How do you source your honey?>

As ardent proponents of ethical sourcing, we collaborate closely with indigenous beekeepers and farmers who continue to employ natural methods of beekeeping and agriculture. We maintain farm-to-table traceability and consumer transparency by including a brief description of the origin on the label of our product packaging. We educate over 20,000 local beekeepers on modern honey harvesting techniques that do not hurt bees or their hives and ensure that they do not give sugar syrup to cultured bees.

Is certified honey better than conventional honey?>

Certified honey is synonymous with improved and more sustainable beekeeping techniques. While conventional beekeepers frequently rely on pollination to generate income our beekeepers avoid participating in commercial pollination services and not participating in these services relieves bees of stress, allowing them to produce more pure honey.

Why Nature’s Nectar Honey

While many processors assert that their honey is free of impurities, Nature's Nectar stands out by offering evidence of its purity, completely clear from antibiotics, adulterations with C3-C4 sugars and pesticide residues. We are one of the few national brands to pass the NMR test. Packaging is done under stringent hygienic conditions, preserving natural flavours and enzymes. All activities are automated, with a closed-circuit honey processing line and no manual interaction to ensure international standard quality. Each bottle includes an NMR report, the proof of purity that can be verified through a QR code.

NMR Tested

Traceable to Beehives

No Additives

Our Compliances & Certifications


Our Customers Speak For Us

At Nature's Nectar, our customers play a pivotal role, and their satisfaction is imperative to us. Read what our customers have to say about us

Jayprakash Giri
Civil Engineer

Best taste , boost energy in morning. Best one for first take in during morning.

Jayaraman K

Since last 3times I have been continuously using your hone. I just love it from taste and health angle.

Business Man

I feel that amongst the different brands honey I have used ever, this product is the best and found nearest to the natural honey.



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