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Improves Digestion

Honey contains beneficial enzymes that aid in improving digestion and alleviating bloating. The probiotics in our honey promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, facilitating digestion and reducing acid reflux. Mix a teaspoon of Nature's Nectar Honey with lukewarm water and drink it twice daily for a clearer stomach. Let our 100% pure honey protect you from immune and digestive disorders. The NMR-tested, antioxidant-rich honey from Nature's Nectar improves digestion and metabolism.

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Vd. Preeti Bhosle

Ayurveda physician

Ayurvedic research considers honey to be prebiotic that helps improve our digestive health.

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Digestive Disorder ? We have the Solution

Improves Digestion

Frequently asked questions

How does honey aid digestion?

Because the digestive tract has an alkaline impact, indigestion can be averted by consuming honey before or after a meal. You can consume your daily dose of Nature’s Nectar Honey by adding it to teas, smoothies, juices, or warm water. It is claimed that honey contains enzymes that facilitate digestion and provide the digestive system a boost.

Is it advisable for lactose-intolerant individuals to consume honey?

Yes, sure! Pure honey is a non-dairy probiotic product. Thus, it is ideal for lactose intolerant or dairy-allergic individuals. However, if you have an allergy, you must take precautions and avoid honey with dairy products such as yoghurt and smoothies. As yoghurts are the best source of prebiotics, honey is a fantastic alternate source of prebiotics for lactose-intolerant individuals.

Can honey provide treatment for acid reflux?

According to research, pure honey can alleviate acid reflux symptoms and aid in the healing of the digestive tract. Honey, when consumed, coats the oesophagus, heals inflammation, and reduces stomach or acidity sensations. In addition to these benefits, it can help alleviate stomach-related burning feelings.



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