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Differentiate Between Raw & Regular Honey

Raw honey as well as regular honey are available in the market and you might be confused about which one to buy. Some of you may also be asking questions like is there a difference between the two? Well, yes there are differences between raw honey and regular honey and we are going to talk about the same here.

Take a look at some of the differences between raw honey and regular honey:

The post-harvest production process of raw honey and regular honey is different. In the case of raw honey, there is no processing involved. After harvesting the raw honey is simply filtered to remove any debris and parts of the honeycomb.

But regular honey is subjected to different processes after harvesting. It is pasteurized to increase the shelf life and delay the process of crystallization. But we need to keep in mind that honey, as it is, has a long shelf life.

The processed honey is subjected to filtration and ultra-filtration processes so that the honey looks transparent. But in this process, the key ingredients that are responsible for the health benefits of honey which are the pollen and enzymes are removed.

In processed honey, there are other ingredients like added sugar and additives which bring down the cost of honey. Raw honey is expensive compared to regular honey but it does not have any inferior additives.

Raw honey is cloudy in appearance and has very good taste. Regular honey looks transparent and has a typical sweet taste due to the added sugar.

Now for the most important part and that is the health benefits offered by raw honey and regular honey. Without a doubt, raw honey offers more health benefits as compared to regular honey. Raw honey is not subjected to any processing and hence has many nutritious ingredients. Raw honey has many different health benefits due to its high nutritious content.

Regular honey is subjected to lots of processing and nutritive substances like pollen are removed from this honey. Obviously when we compare raw honey and regular honey raw honey has more health benefits as compared to regular honey.

How can you use honey in your daily diet to prevent dementia in the long run?

It is clear now that raw honey does not have any added substances like sugar syrup and it has a more nutritious content as compared to regular honey. So, if you want to get the best health benefits from honey then make sure that you choose raw honey. Yes, as compared to regular honey raw honey is expensive but do not forget the benefits that this raw honey gives you.

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Now there is no room for confusion because it is clear that raw honey is much better as compared to regular honey. So always choose the option of raw honey.



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