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Yummy ways of losing the extra weight

What is the one thing that you hate about the weight loss regime? The not-so-delicious foods that you have to eat. But what if we tell you 5 delicious recipes that are healthy and tasty and help you shed those extra kilos with ease?

You surely want to know all those recipes, right? Well, all 5 recipes have natural honey which enhances the taste and also helps to lose weight. So, get ready for a delicious treat that is filled with health and goodness.

But before that know how honey is important for your weight loss program:

Best natural honey contains some essential hormones which can help in weight reduction. Some studies indicate that honey reduces appetite and this, in turn, leads to less consumption of calories. One more important point that you must note is that honey is packed with minerals, vitamins and good fats.

So, now get set for a tasty weight loss journey!

Honey and cinnamon tea:

Just like honey, cinnamon also helps in weight loss. This spice also has antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties. It also helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and is good for maintaining blood pressure. Cinnamon improves metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

To make this concoction just add honey and cinnamon to water and boil the mixture. Let the mixture cool a bit and then strain and have the pure natural honey and cinnamon tea.

Honey and lemon cool drink:

Now the honey and lemon drink are an all-time favorite and it is always better to have this delicious concoction on an empty stomach in the morning. Making this drink is so simple and all that you have to do is mix lemon juice and honey and then add water to the mixture and enjoy this refreshing drink.

Honey milkshake:

Milk keeps you full for a longer time and whole milk is a rich source of protein and boosts metabolism. So having milk daily is a good practice. But many detest the taste of milk and so they add sugar or chocolate which results in weight gain. But here is a healthy way of making milk tastier as well as healthier. Just add a generous amount of natural organic honey to a glass of milk and mix well. Your honey milkshake which is filled with taste and goodness is ready.

Green tea with honey:

There is lots of buzz about having green tea for weight loss. But some people do not like the bitter taste of green tea. So, we have a way of making this bitter tea tasty as well as healthy. All that you have to do is add honey to green tea and your delicious green tea with honey is ready.

Honey and garlic sound like a not-so-yummy combination. But once you must try mixing minced garlic, honey and warm water and try the mixture. So, order pure honey online from Natures Nectar and try these recipes right away.



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